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Sister-in Law Savoy

Tasty heap of cabbage here!

I have always been a bit snooty about my sister-in-laws’ veg cooking skills since she admitted to me that she bought ready mashed potatoes from Sainsburys for her daughter ( I surely hope she doesn’t read this or I’ll be in deep trouble)
However, on a recent visit to her home I was treated to an absolutely delicious heap of cabbage that I have tried to replicate- any green cabbage or kale would be equally successful.

Vegatables used

Cabbage and Onion


1- Chop a good sized onion and gently braise it in margarine in a wide flat bottomed pan.

2- Finely shred a whole cabbage, add to the onions, with half a cup of water and salt and freshly ground black pepper, shake it all about and cover with a tight lid, cook on a low heat until just done, no more then 10 minutes.

3- Meanwhile, chop several rashers of bacon (or “fakon” vegan rashers) and fry to a crisp in a separate pan.

4- As the cabbage is just al dente, stir in a dessert spoon of crème fraiche or vegan equivalent, mix in the bacon bits, adjust the seasoning and serve. It’s delicious!

Cook Tip's

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