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Jess' Honey & Roots Soup with Rosemary

A gorgeous thick sweet sunny soup to cheer up your head on a wintry day- dead easy too!

Vegatables used

Carrots, Swede, Parsnip and Onions


Saute a couple of chopped onions in olive oil, then add a good tablespoonfull of honey and a few sprigs of rosemary ( I nicked mine from the doctor's surgery but dried will do!) and continue to gently sizzle while you:

scrub 2 good sized carrots, peel a small swede and a parsnip, chop up and put it all into the sticky pot. Let it all gently fry for a further few minutes (no burning!) then add plenty of veg stock and simmer till the veg are really soft- 20 minutes.

Whizz it all up, season with salt and pepper, adjust the thickness to suit you, eat and be happy!

Cook Tip's

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