Purple Sprouting Broccoli with Chilli and Sesame Dressing

This is something a little different to ring the changes whilst we have an
abundance of sprouting broccoli- it goes very well with most oriental
dishes or just by itself with some steamed rice.

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Vegatables used

Purple Sprouting Broccoli


First prepare the broccoli by cutting it into even-sized pieces – stalks
and all. Steam it for 5minutes until just tender.

Meanwhile, to make the dressing: dry/toast the sesame seeds in a small pan, over
a medium heat ,shaking the pan to brown them evenly. As soon as they
begin to splutter, pop and turn golden, they're ready, then just
remove them to a serving bowl and simply stir in all the rest of the

When it's cooked, remove the broccoli from the steamer and transfer to a
warm serving bowl. Then drizzle over the dressing all over. Toss it
around and serve straight away.

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