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• 30/11/20

• Cara PotsUK

• Carrots UK

• Cavolo Nero UK

• Fennel UK

• January King Cabbage UK

• Leeks UK

• Mixed Salad Leaves UK

• OnionsUK

• Spinach UK

• sprout stick UK

Soil Association Eden Farms
are proud to
have held Organic Certification
since 1983
Organic Food Awards 2004 Organic Delivery
Service Category

Highly Commended Award
eBusiness awards 2007
Soil Association Organic Awards 2014 finalist

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XMAS Edition Family Fruit&Veg Box feeds 4-6

Available for delivery from December

 contains all organic, fresh local veg: • 2kg Cara pots, 1kg carrots,  sprout sticks, 1kg  parsnips,1 kg onions, Savoy cabbage, red cabbage, swede, curly kale,celeriac, 500gm leeks, 2 lemons ,1.5kg mixed Cox and clementines

Order by 8th December to enter in  Hamper Prize Draw 

£23.50 Qty:
Big Fruit Box

6kg mixed seasonal fruit including clementines, Cox apples, lemons,kiwis, oranges, fair-trade bananas,avocado

£22.00 Qty:

 an amazing 10kg root veg

• 2kg Cara potatoes
• 2kg carrots
• 2kg onion
• 1kg parsnip
• Swede
• Celeriac
• 1kg beetroot

£22.00 Qty:
Red & Green Diet Box

Special diet box for high carotene/juicing diets, containing 3kg carrots, 6 assorted dark greens, 1kg apples/oranges

£18.50 Qty:
Family Fruit & Veg Box
mixed fruit & veg box containing at least 10 different veg, plus 4 different types of fruit, approx weight 6-7kg
£17.50 Qty:
Rainbow 5-A-DAY Box

Eat a rainbow a day! Munchable 5-a-day box of easy to eat fruit, veg and salads

£17.50 Qty:
Xtreme Veg Box

Biggest box with up to 15 different and varied veg, extra family staples included

£17.00 Qty:
Family Veg Box
Large veg box with at least 10 different veg , aimed at economy and variety, includes salads appx. Weight 5kg
£12.50 Qty:
Fruit Box

 3kg of mixed organic fruit, 6-7 varieties, appx. 15-20 pieces

£11.50 Qty:
Salad Box

Box containing seasonal salad selection, 5-6 different items

£10.50 Qty:
Mini Fruit & Veg Box
Mixed fruit & veg box with 6 popular favourites such as broccoli, carrots,baking potatos, plus 7 pieces of munchable fruit.
£9.90 Qty:
Veg Box with at 9 different veg, suit1-2 people household
£9.90 Qty:

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