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About Our Farm

Farm Fresh Food & Family Fun

Eden Farms has grown from small roots. A derelict smallholding in 1982 has developed into a busy organic vegetable farm on the north Lincolnshire Fens, supplying customers through our home delivery service and Farmer's Markets. We grow over 60 different varieties of vegetables, and our box-round customers eat fresh English produce picked within 24 hours of delivery! Eden Farms was set up 33 years ago by David Lucas and Marjorie Stein, with little more than 4 acres of neglected land, a wheelbarrow, and a burning desire to supply people with organic produce. Today, we have grown our business to 70 acres of all-organic vegetables, and only our passionate commitment remains unchanged. We have survived some of the toughest farming times in modern history without government aid or subsidies; we feel we have earned the right to call our organic farm “sustainable”.

Here are some of the things that are important to us

• Organic: Eden Farms is 100% organic, and we believe this is the best way to farm for the environment, our customers, and our staff. We are certified by the Soil Association, our identification is S31M.

• Fresh vegetables: we know that fresh vegetables contain the maximum flavour and nutrients, so we only cut to your order, giving you the maximum benefit from the food you eat


• Affordable: we keep prices as low as we can because there are no extra transport and packaging charges to be paid for. We ask a fair price for our produce, that covers the costs of production, and gives us a reasonable living.

• Commitment: Eden Farms has been organic for 33 years now, and we are at the forefront of the organic movement. We have helped to change the face and profile of British food and farming, and we are proud of it!

• Customers: We love our customers! What a pleasure it is to deal with real people, and hear your messages of praise, or even complaints! We are dedicated to providing the best possible produce and service for you, and it gives everyone at Eden Farms a real boost when we hear good things from you.

• Innovation: Eden Farms thrives on new ideas and initiatives. Whether David is designing a new purpose-built piece of farm machinery to satisfy our production needs, or Marjorie is researching school dinner requirements with local authorities, it is the excitement that we still feel in new ideas that keep our business vibrantly alive.

• Service: we know that our customers are busy people, and we provide a flexible, convenient and friendly service. Our customers appreciate reliable delivery times and a helpful driver.

• Ethical: it is important for us to look after our staff and our environment. We are a fair employer, and we keep wastage to a minimum by reusing our packaging, while local goats eat all our waste produce.

About Us
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