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This weeks Veg Box contains:


•  Curly kale UK

•  Onions new season UK

• 15th May

• Carrots

• Caulis UK larger boxes

• Courgettes

• Lettuce Red Oakleaf UK

• mushrooms larger boxes UK

• Parsley, flat UK

• Potatoes, Triplo uk

• Spring Greens UK

Soil Association Eden Farms
are proud to
have held Organic Certification
since 1983
Organic Food Awards 2004 Organic Delivery
Service Category

Highly Commended Award
eBusiness awards 2007
Soil Association Organic Awards 2014 finalist

Apple, Spartan UK beautiful burgundy red, crunchy 1kg

£3.50 Qty:
Asparagus 250gm Lincolnshire £3.50 Qty:
Avocado £1.30 Qty:

1kg Fairtrade

£2.50 Qty:
Cabbage, Spring Greens

Lincolnshire grown

£1.40 Qty:


£2.70 Qty:
CARROTS for juicing

UK 5kg

£11.00 Qty:
Cauliflower Lincolnshire £1.60 Qty:
Chard, Ruby red stems £1.50 Qty:
Chard, silver

Bright green leaves and succulent white stems

£1.50 Qty:
Chicory, Italian style Deliciously bitter salad £1.50 Qty:
Courgette 500gm £2.50 Qty:
Cucumber, £1.60 Qty:

6 Organic Free Range Eggs

£2.00 Qty:
Fruit Bag 5-6 different pieces of assorted fruit £2.80 Qty:

1 bulb

£0.80 Qty:
garlic, wild delicious pungent salad leaves £1.30 Qty:
Kale, Red Russian Red curly kale £1.50 Qty:
Kiwi fruit


£0.85 Qty:

1 kg Lincolnshire

£3.50 Qty:


£1.40 Qty:
Lettuce, Curly Curly good quality leaf £1.10 Qty:
Lettuce, green oakleaf Loose leaf green version £1.10 Qty:
Lettuce, Little Gem

Twin pack

£1.10 Qty:
Lettuce, Red Oakleaf beautiful leaves £1.00 Qty:
Lettuce,Pink Batavia good quality juicy leaf £1.10 Qty:
Mushroom, Chestnut

1/2 lb Lincolnshire grown

£2.00 Qty:
Onion 1 kg £2.50 Qty:

1 kg EU

£2.50 Qty:
Parsley, Flat Leaf bunch £1.30 Qty:
Pepper, Green £1.50 Qty:
Potato, Baker 2kg £6.00 Qty:
Potato, Triplo tasty yellow flesh multi purpose1kg £2.20 Qty:
Spinach £1.50 Qty:
Swede 500gm UK £1.50 Qty:
Tomato 500gm £2.50 Qty:
Tomato, Red Cherry

250 gm eat like sweets!

£2.50 Qty:

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